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XF 1.2 Restoring an older forum

I wanted to ask a quick question, I am trying to restore a forum and when I import the sql file I get the error message "An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later." I know that the DB username and password are most likely different, how or what can I edit to add the new ones?


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Did you restore the forum to the same server before?

If no, I would advise you to check the database previlege. You can add or edit database username and password there.

FYI: The "fast but unsafe" band aid for this is using mysql root password to connect to your database.
Yes it's on the same server, I was just thinking that before it was on the root and now it's in a sub directory. I found the config.php where I can change the DB info, not sure if that would work.


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If you are using cpanel, you can try to add a new mysql user with a new password in cpanel > mysql database and then assign them to your xf database. Then edit your /library/config.php and edit the database user and database password.

You can do the same thing in VPS/Dedicated with phpmyadmin (if you are using phpmyadmin)


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The location of the installation makes no difference.

The details in /library/config.php must match the database details.
The Board URL in the ACP can be updated to suit once the import is complete.