XF 2.0 [USER ERROR - RESOLVED] Username showing in some spots as an older name

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One of the mods accidentally changed the username of one of our members.
He immediately changed it right back.
For about a day, the correct name was showing up on his postings, but the incorrect name was showing whenever he "liked" something.
Or when someone tagged him with the @.

I cleared some cache and rebuilt some things and now his "likes" are showing the correct name.
But a week later, the @ mentions are still showing the old, incorrect name.

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?
I already tried toggling the name but that didn't help.
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To clarify, I'm not talking about old quotes or mentions.
I'm talking about creating new mentions.
If I do a mention right this moment, it's going to have the incorrect name.
Once the name has been updated, the new name will show when doing a mention in a new post.

I am unable to replicate the issue you are seeing, so there may be a third party add-on involved, or something server side, such as caching.
Sounds like you're saying there is no way to resolve this situation?
You can with a database query. Do a database serach to find where the name is, it can be in xf_posts or xf_thread

For posts you can use this
UPDATE `xf_post`
SET `username` = REPLACE(`username`, 'Old', 'New')

UPDATE `xf_thread`
SET `username` = REPLACE(`username`, 'Old', 'New')

For name in quotes I use the post content find replace addon

Quick Find: Old

Regular expression: /"Old,/i

Replacement String: "New,

Test first of course.
Sorry folks, problem is resolved. It was my mistake!

I was misspelling the first two letters of the users name and inadvertently finding a user account that I didn't know about.
"Qu" instead of "Qw" like I should have been typing.

Please ignore this thread.
The correct name is showing up.
So, whatever I originally did to fix the issue, fixed everything and not just one thing.
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