XF 1.4 Resources search and categories


Formerly mugtree
I think the resources could be improved.

Resources search

Can the resources search engine pick up content within the resource document, eg word.doc file. So any words within the resource document could appear in search results, at the moment only the resources title is searched.

I am thinking of buying the enhanced search. Is it any good and can it do the above?

I understand it can not.

Resources categories

I want to add a resource to more than one category, how do I do that please?


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It's not possible to search content within attachments.

Resources can only be added to a single category.


Formerly mugtree
That's not very good.

So where does the search search? Just the title? Description? Can you add tags?

Why can't you add to more than one category?


Formerly mugtree
Ok thanks, I guess I can try and fill the description field with keywords in that case?

Shame about the categories. Did you not think that would be a good idea? resources alsways come under more than one category. What ways are there around this? Someone mentioned prefixes.


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Any text entered into the title/body of the resource are searchable; just not the contents of the file itself.

Content existing in more than one area is completely fundamentally different than existing in just one area, so it's unlikely to change. Prefixes might fit your needs but you'll need to try them out to see if they work for you, but prefixes are really just a method of sub-categorization.