Resource updated don't associate new uploads


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Not sure if this is a bug or I am not understanding something but here goes;

I create a resource, upload a 100BB file.
I can see this file in the DB, it has the correct content_id etc.
I then go to the resource and click Post resource update.
I browser for a new file, 900KB, upload it and confirm it has uploaded.
Fill in the two mandatory fields - Title and Message and hit save.
I get the confirmation that it has been saved.

Now, looking in the DB I can see the original upload and I can see the update upload yet the latter has not been associated. Likewise the content_id is 0.
Looking at the front end I can see the download button still shows me the 100KB file, not the new 900KB file.
Downloading it and I get the original file.


This behaviour happens on both my dev (localhost) site and my live site.

I find this very odd and suspect there is something else I am missing because it's unlikey that a bug like this would go unnoticed in the add-on section...

Chris D

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Fill in the two mandatory fields - Title and Message and hit save.
This is the problem.

If you want a new version to be posted, you have to enter a version string, too.

The description of that field says so:
This is the new version name for your resource, such as 1.0. You may not alter this once you have saved it. If you do not enter this, a new version will not be posted.