Resource Manager Update: Guides/Tutorials and Commercial Resources

As many of you have seen, the resource manager has undergone a lot of changes based on the feedback we've received.

Two of the more recent changes have allowed us to support both commercial resources and "fileless" resources like guides and tutorials.

As such, we have archived several forums to transition the information over to the resource manager. New categories have been added to the resource manager to support them.

If you had a resource in one of the following forums, we'd ask for you to re-post it into the appropriate resource manager category when you have a chance:
  • Tips, Tricks and Guides
  • Resource Add-on Tips and Guides
  • Template Modifications
  • Code Modifications
  • Commercial Resource and Add-on Releases
  • Development Resources and Tutorials
If you report the old thread to us, we can either close it or merge it with the resource discussion thread.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience!