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Duplicate Resource Manager - Override avatar with custom icon on resources list


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This suggestions aims to improve the developer community.

In order to facilitate xenForo designers and developers to create a 'Brand' around their addons and designs it would be nice if when adding a resource you could upload an image (or specify one by URL).

The image could be used in place of the resource author's avatar on lists of resources and when searching the resources area.

For instance, taking Microcart as an example, if the author could brand this mod as above within the resources manager he may opt to create a shopping cart icon which would be used in place of his avatar.

I know its just a small feature and a mod could easy do this but I feel this should be used on xenforo.com and as it would be useful for other sites that maintain resources it could be part of the core.

Im sorry if this duplicates any past suggestions - I have searched and not found anything but feel free to merge if there is.


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Ahhh... now, i didnt realise there was a separate area! Thanks Mike and I'll remember that if I suggest anything else for this.