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This FAQ aims to answer the most commonly asked questions about the XenForo Resource Manager.

1. What is the Resource Manager?
The Resouce Manager is a XenForo add-on that allows you to manage resources such as files and tutorials or other article-like content along side your normal forum. The aim is allow content such as files to be listed with a focus on the initial content rather than discussion surrounding it. Users can watch resources and be updated whenever a new version is released.

Resources can be sold (as a link to external purchase handling), downloaded directly from the resource manager, downloaded from an external URL, or provided without a file. The administrator can control the type of resources allowed and who can post them on a per category basis. Discussion threads can automatically be created for each resource, allowing the target forum and a thread prefix to be specified per resource category.

It is completely integrated into XenForo, including support for moderator permissions, logging, manual approval and soft-deletion, liking, news feed entries and alerts, reporting, search, spam cleaning, and statistics.

You can see the resource manager in action here, where we use it to manage third-party add-ons, styles, language packs, and tutorials.

It is also possible to test the functionality via an admin demo:

If a feature doesn't currently exist then you can make a suggestion here: Resource Manager suggestions or, if it is custom development, a request here: Resource and add-on requests

2. Can I install more than one instance in a single forum?
No, the code does not support multiple instances.

3. Can the URL path be changed from /resources to something else such as /articles?
Yes, using the Route filters function.

4. Which payment gateways are supported?
Currently there is no payment processing built in; all payments are handled externally.

5. Can I create custom tabs and fields?
Yes, using the Resource fields feature.

6. Are there any importers available for content from other software?
Not currently.
It is only possible to import from XFRM 2.0 and XFRM 2.1.

8. Is it possible to automatically add content from existing forum threads?
No, resources must be added manually.

10. Can existing threads be converted into resources?
No, resources must be added manually.

11. Can new resources be linked to existing threads?
Yes, by merging the new resource discussion thread with the existing thread.

12. Can resources be linked to more than one thread?
No, it is a one to one relationship

13. Can threads be linked to more than one resource?
No, it is a one to one relationship

14. Can I change the name of the tabs?
Yes, by editing the phrases.

15. Can resources be reassigned?
Yes, this is a moderator permission.

16. Is it possible to create a resource without a file?
Yes, this is configurable on a per category basis.

17. Can guests rate and review resources?
No, the same permissions apply as for polls.

18. Can the Resource Manager be used for a gallery/blog/store/etc?
The primary function is for managing resources but it may be possible to adapt it for other uses.
Editing phrases and templates and additional third party development may be required.

Last updated: Thursday 9 July 2020
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