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Resource Manager: Add number of views to resources


Well-known member

I would like to have the option to display the number of views to a resource. It would be more consistent with the rest of the forums, threads have a number of views and pages have the option to count views. Why not for the resources?

Here is a screenshot how it could look like:
Screenshot 2014-04-26 11.34.14.png

I know there is an add-on for this, but imho this should be default just for the sake of consistency :)


Active member
I would like to have this as well, because we have lots of resources without file attachment.
Would be nice to have it in the resource list as well (sorting by views being extra bonus). :)


Well-known member
Just came here to suggest it pretty much the moment I started using the RM. This is really such an obvious one that I can't believe it hasn't been added yet. It's especially important for text-only resource submissions, where the number of views is the only indicator of interest for the authors. So I hope that this will be added ASAP. It's really strangely absent now, when we're counting views everywhere else.