feature request

  1. StarArmy

    Lack of interest Voice Posting

    My suggestion is that if Xenforo wants to stay on the cutting edge, we should add a streamlined way for users to easily post with their voice instead of just typing text. As users scroll through the thread, they would hear other users speaking in their own voices (could be toggled on/off)...
  2. nick97000

    Lack of interest More Accounts Security and Profile Completely Steps Feature Request

    DEVICE MANAGEMENT System Protect users accounts with alerts for unusual activity Account security is critical in any organization or community, so users can review the devices on which they are currently logged in to check for suspicious activity, as well as receive an email alert whenever a...
  3. woei

    Implemented Resource Manager: Add number of views to resources

    Hi, I would like to have the option to display the number of views to a resource. It would be more consistent with the rest of the forums, threads have a number of views and pages have the option to count views. Why not for the resources? Here is a screenshot how it could look like: I know...