Resource and Addon archive

Neil E.

Active member
I have found several great nuggets buried in the archives while searching for things. Here is an example: (Move the userbit to the right of the avatar)

I wasn't looking to do what the post topic indicated, but did find the exact solution to removing the quickreply avatar (which is what I was looking for). It worked great!

I would like to be able to post in topics in the archives. Why is this not allowed?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The archives are where resources were posted before the Resource Manager existed.

All of the threads were closed (but still readable and resources still downloadable) so that authors could move their work to the Resource Manager.

You'll notice that there's old versions of things like XenPorta etc. knocking around there. No point in it having two discussions.

So, everything will stay closed.

Recommendation would be to contact the author direct.