Resource Addons vs Themes


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I often look to see what new resources are uploaded but I am not interested in themes/skins and such and am only looking for addons.

There seems to be so many updates to themes, I spend so much unnecessary times looking at something I have no interet in.

I can only sort by free or paid

Screenshot (49).png

It would be quite helpful to also have Addon or Theme in the sort field.

Unless I'm missing something, is there a way to display only addons and skip themes?
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Why not just choose the category (Addon or Theme) and then filter if you need to filter further?

You can also "watch" the Addons category to get an alert when a new addon is posted.

Just noticed that on the left but it still requires looking at multiple filters separately because I'm looking to see any updates that are not Themes/Styles

But I guess it's better than looking at hundreds of styles I'm not interested in.

Thanks for the tip (y)
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