Addons/Resources Purchase History


I recently made a ticket asking if there was a way to see a complete list of all the addons/plugins/resources I have purchased in the past on Xenforo in one place regardless of them being un-maintained, deleted, or removed from Xenforo due to lack of developer support, and I was told that I should make this as a suggestion post here.

Basically what I am wondering or looking for is a purchase history of anything made on Xenforo whether it be a licence upgrade, a addon/resource/plugin etc. It is very difficult to keep track of all the purchases ive made in the past when several of the addons I once purchased are no longer supported by Xenforo for example the [FS] Events plugins or the several B rivium addons/plugins that have since been removed as well. I would very much appreciate it if I didn't have to go back into my payment history to confirm if a plugin was indeed purchased or free and if the support was limited to a year or lifetime etc.

I understand that a lot of these resources are 3rd party and as a result there is a certain level of risk when purchasing said resource, however I feel like there has to be a way for you to record on your end when a purchase has been made by a select user of a specific plugin/addon. Im not asking for a detailed information on each and every addon, but simply just a list of the addons/resources purchased with maybe a link to their addon/resource page if it is still available on Xenforo for viewing.

I also would like to add that I believe regardless of a addon/resource/plugin being maintained/worked on I believe that even if it gets deleted from Xenforo due to lack of developer support that there should still be an easier way for users who have purchased "said addon" to get information regarding that addon after deletion other than making a support ticket asking for more information on it. Currently all I can find on deleted addons are the comment threads talking about the addon itself rather than the official resource page. Perhaps if there was a deleted resource section or archive that users could go back and look at after the fact for those still using the addon. I am a pretty new user to Xenforo so if there is a way to already do this or something that I may have missed, please let me know so that in the future I know where to look.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.