Reorganizing or combining old VB threads after a migration to XF


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As a non-technical guy who has never before been a forum administrator, I want to migrate from VB5. But before I go "live" with the new forum, I want to reduce the number of topics and sub-topics that were on the VB forum, but I don't want to delete or lose the threads in those eliminated topics. I want them save somewhere else. Presumably, that would be somewhere in the new suite of topic names, unless there is some other usual procedure that can be used

Of course, I can't go manually through every thread from eliminated topics to decide which of the new topic names each old thread best fits in.

Does XF allow me to mass move all the threads in eliminated old topic A into retained topic B? Or to move all the threads from eliminated old topics A and B into newly created topic C? Or is there some other idea I'm not thinking of that XF can implement?



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there is a batch thread update feature that is pretty darn powerful. setup a demo board and check it out!


on next screen, you get options to move threads from one node to another and a few other options.