XF 1.1 vB -> XF Migration. Google's Almost De-Indexed Old URLs. Now What?


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We migrated from vB ( domain.com/forum) to Xenforo ( domain.com/community ) in December last year and Google now shows only about ~200 links to the old place ( /forum ). I'm sure Google will remove the remaining links in a week or so.

Note that I've had the redirects in place which tell Google the new destination of the threads. My questions are :-

1. What should be my next step when I see <50 old URLs listed in Google.
2. Is it now safe to remove the /forum (old) directory?
3. Do I need any changes to the .htaccess file?
4. Those who've done it; is there any important point you'd want me to consider?

Jake Bunce

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Once Google has finished updating your links then you no longer need the redirects. But they might still be useful for old bookmarks and links in posts.


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Hi Bigk

Is your traffic over 1st December ?

I'd say now old urls are removed you can submit a site map every day
We usually have Jan - March as the highest traffic months. Because of the redirects; the traffic did go down and it's steadily improving. I'm expecting the traffic to be completely back by June. We recently installed Sitemaps; but don't see that they're helping us a lot.