How about a migration forum to take care of everything?


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I'm considering migrating my forum which has been with vBulletin for 10 years, including a custom style and a few custom plugins. While I could do a great deal myself, I don't have the time nor the current Xenexpertise to do it at the moment and could use help moving all of the above. Not only would I obviously be willing to pay for the help (and anyone can contact me), but I'm also looking to do parts of the migration hands on and continue to get a better feel with the product.

I'm sure that I'm not alone here with something other than a stock install who is moving over to XF -- it seems like every week more and more VB forums are making the switch. I may have missed where questions of this nature go but having a specific migration forum might serve as a good repository for all the forum owners looking to make the switch, which is more in the aggregate than you'd find in a standard "install-upgrade" support forum.


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Brogan - thanks for leading me to the right place. My reluctance to post in "resource requests" was the way it was worded - it seems like it's to request new features from the description.

If there is a particular resource idea that you're interested in an haven't seen before, post it here.

My need is typical with some custom work. I'm not sure where the best place is to create a "work needed" forum - perhaps XF needs an or some other place for requests? The "work for hire" section is small at the moment and perhaps it's easier to have a "work needed" area as well which attracts members with skills who don't necessarily want to put out a shingle (or just aren't here) and a place for others to recommend custom services (e.g. skinners who do custom XF mods.) Food for thought, I know you'll do what's best...


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While that was the original idea surrounding resource requests, it seems to have evolved into a catch-all for any type of request really.

Primarily because, as you say, there is no specific "work request" forum.