A bit of everything ( Looking for prices)

So first of all here is what I am after

1. I'm after a fully customised styling of XF
This will include:
Website Logo
Custom Avatars
Administrators CP
Custom Add Ons
Forums Ranks / Badges
And more

2. I'm after some Custom coded pages
This will include
Reputation system like TheTechGame.com
Marketplace ( I will be selling services on my Forums ) (Certain member groups to acces only)
And more!

3. Web Development
This will include
Helping rank up on google search engine and others whilst at it!
Custom coding (Top Posters / Last 5 posts (like thetechgame.com))
And more

All I am currently looking for is a price to help me get started as I've bought a Licencse and would like to get started with all of this ASAP!

Ernest L. Defoe

Well-known member
Like I said, I'm just looking for a price atm :)

If I feel like I need to add a budget then I will but hopefully lower or around the £450 mark
Good luck with that cause a good custom theme is going to knock a huge chunk out of that budget. Also I'm pretty sure everytime you update xF any customizations you make to the back end (AdminCP) will be reverted. Just curious why you want that themed as well? No one but Admins see that......I can say fairly confident it will cost considerably more to do all the custom things you want than £450 cause that's right about $650 and a good custom theme is going to be anywhere between $300-400+ so that doesn't leave much for the rest.