Reopen the vB5 thread ?

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Digital Doctor

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I guess I can post some of the information here.

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vB5 demo issue: Latest Activity Tab

Digital Doctor

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Well ... so far Xenforo has no competition.
Isn't healthy competition a good thing ?

What if the good ship Xenforo meets the Costa Concordia ?
I'd like to know the status of vB5 if that happens and so would alot of other XF users.

Digital Doctor

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Check out this site then ;)
vbulletin . com
That grumpy place ? I really try to avoid it.
Not to mention the thread locking and deleting that goes on @ vBulletin.c0m
It's vBulletin that keeps emailing me to check out the latest demo.

I just like checking things out and posting in the vB5 thread.

And Paul M pops by with some inside scoops here and there. It was a good way for Xenforo users to keep up to date on vBulletin 5. What's the harm in that ?


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Why would XenForo users need to keep up to date on vB5? If they need to keep up to date on it, they have their own website. I'd rather see more concentration on this site, than think about what may be going on elsewhere. It was disappointing the thread was even allowed to go on as long as it did.

Brandon Sheley

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hm, I can't post here

wtf.. okay let me paste what I've tried to post 5 times but keep getting server not responding..

well forget it, here is the screenshot of my post..
apparently there is something magical in my post that doesn't allow it to go through..


Digital Doctor

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Why not discuss vB at vB, not at XenForo... pretty simple.
I read the forums there from time to time to see what others think about vB5 ... but I want to discuss vB5 openly and from a Xenforo perspective. Comparing vB5 to Xenforo and to vB4 and to other software would get the thread locked at

Anyway ... The thread was popular. Google vB5 demo and it was on the first page.

Retro fun.


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The thread was disappointing. Embarrassing it was allowed to stay open and continue when there are more important issues here.


I dunno but I would think software in general, not related to XenForo would be discussed over in admin forums like: or other admin forums. Because those are sites for ALL software anyway, not just one software.

"vbulletin" anything, should be in swear words list.. lmao :p hell, especially after ALL the crap IB has done to XF to put it in it's current state of nothing.. >_<
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