XF 1.5 Registration config question

I am new to XF, apologies. I am missing a setting.

New registrations still going into an approval queue, despite the setting being correct in ACP. I have not triggered anything that would send new regs into an approval queue. Registration email confirmation not being fired until approved. Can't find it anywhere! Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you!
I might have fixed it, my admin guy had DNSBL option in ACP checked, with the required action to manually approve registrations. I am assuming that this is the issue right? Is this option config recommended? I am really petrified of spam, so likely will keep it as is. Does this mean that I need to manually approve ALL registrations? Thank you.


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If the DNSBL option sent the registrations to manual approval, that would be listed in the manual approval system. But that generally shouldn't cause the issue, unless the IPs involved are on one of these lists.

If there's no reason listed on the manual approval entry, that would point to "Enable Manual Approval" being enabled in the "Registration Setup" option.
Thank you Mike, for taking the time. Attached are two screen shots, clearly showing manual manual approval not checked. And, the other shot, DNSBL checked. Hmn. Thoughts please? Thank you,


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Hi, just a quick follow up, noticed this. Can I assume that my anti-spam measures are working, and this test user registration was sent to the queue automatically because of alter ego, IP, cookie, etc? Sorry, I am new to this. If so, this is so very cool.



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That would appear to be the cause. You have a number of add-ons here that are involved in this, so any one of them could be causing this. That "spam log" area would tell you what caused the user to be sent to manual approval.
Hi Mike, thank you for the above; quick question if I may? RE the actions above (do nothing, approve, require email confirmation, etc), what actually happens when choosing "require email confirmation?" Meaning, is a new verification email fired in ADDITION to the original one? Or, do I need to manually fire a new verification email from the upper right drop down menu? Thank you.


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That's not part of the default software so we can't answer that question.
The default actions are:


You will need to enquire in the add-on thread.