Post user registration text about confirmation email when user is moderated is wrong


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If a user registration is send to the approval queue by spam checks, the phrase thanks_for_registering_registration_must_be_approved is displayed.

Thanks for registering. Your registration must now be approved by an administrator. You will receive an email when a decision has been taken.

The contents of this phrase assumes the only reason a user is sent into the approval queue is manual approvals are required and ignores that spam checks can send a user to the approval queue without email confirmation.
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What is factually incorrect about the text displayed?

Regardless of whether it is triggered by spam or manual approval options, the text is correct - the registration must now be approved by an administrator.

The assertion that they will receive an email as a result of the decision is perhaps a little strong because notifications are disabled by default.

But I don't see anything wrong here.
Users get massively confused about the assertion they they will be emailed when the system just doesn't send any notifications on that code path.

The approval queue just marks the user as valid skipping the entire email confirmation process, and there is no 'user approved' email
There is a user approved email though if you opt to "notify if action was taken". As I said, it's disabled by default so it is a strong assertion for the general case but ultimately it's your choice if you decide to notify them or not.
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