XF 1.3 Register and confirmation email


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I just update into 1.3 version and I can see that "Your register must now be approved by an administrator" - and also regster does not get confirmation email.

Please help me to fix it.

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Disable approval for new registrations if you don't want to do that.

Check if the emails are being spam trapped.
If not, check the server mail logs to see if they are being sent - your host can help with that.


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I can see that, step of register in my forum
  1. User register.
  2. Admin of forum approve users
  3. Users can access, reply, and make new post in forum, and system send email for register users

Because need admin approve, can I use
  1. User register
  2. System will send email and link for uses confirm
  3. Register uses click on link and activate for themseft