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Today i made the import of my old forum to Xenforo.
After some trouble with importing the photopost gallery, which was solved by @Chris D, i am still facing another problem.

The redirect of the forum is working, threads and post are accessible.

But the pic`s dont redirect to the new gallery. Even if they are present in the new gallery.
If i click on a picture it try to open in the old gallery of VB. this is the url from VB.

And this is how it looks in Xenforo.

So i try to put this "RewriteRule ^/gallery/showimage.php /forum/index.php?media/" into htaccess.

But without success.

Did i miss something?
Or do i need to write the second archived_import_log also into the 301config.php?

Someone out there have any hint for me?

Thanks in advance.

Chris D

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I actually wrote some redirection scripts for vBGallery quite some time ago with the intention of releasing them as an optional download in the Resource Manager.

They haven't been tested for quite some time, if you're happy to try them, though, if you confirm they're ok I'll get them released and get some others created for the other importers.

These will work in a very similar way to the vBulletin redirects, e.g. extract the contents into your "gallery" directory and configure the 301config.php file.

Good luck.