vBulletin 4 with vBgallery Migration

Looking at purchasing xenForo and migrating my vBulletin forum and vBgallery ( http://www.3dallusions.com/forums/ ) into it. My understanding is that xenForo has importing functions to bring in vBulletin and the Media addon can import my vBgallery. I want to make sure that this is the case and that my categories etc. for both vBulleting and vBgallery will import in. I also have a lot of attachments (both images and zip files) in my forums, do I need the file manager addon for xenForo for those to transfer over or will vanilla xenForo handle those OK?

My main site is Joomla and I am using jFusion to synchronize the two, it does not look like this will be an option as it has been abandoned, and I do not see any bridges available for xenForo and Joomla, if there is one I would love to know about it. Otherwise my options are to run the Joomla site and the forum as stand alones (not my preference) or pay my programmer coder to update jFusion and work on a xenForo plugin, which has a lot of unknowns and risk. So I am interested to know if anyone else has bridged the two recently. Sorry for all the questions, but I did search, but not exhaustively and I am not entrenched in this community and don't know all the side projects etc. that may be going on.

Thanks in advance.



Same project for me Migration VB4 with DragonByteGallery + Joomla + Jfusion.

Looking to find a way to migration to Xenforo.

Thank you to let me know if you found a roadmap,