Recommendations for Hosting Service for XenForo?

I'm starting a brand new web site which will include XenForo. Can anyone share experiences positive or negative with particular hosting companies? Since this is from scratch, might as well sign up with a host that other people have had easy experiences working with!!


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Go with a VPS so you have full admin control over it. Linode, and many others like ramnode, etc are more and more affordable and without all the bells and whistles from cpanels and whatever bloat.


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There's plenty of hosts to work with. I would just try to avoid EIG brands (, there are great players in the market. You don't necessarily need a VPS at all, you can go for a simple shared hosting. Check your options at, search for reviews there. I can personally say HawkHost, GeekStorage and Eleven2 offer good services. If you end up looking at VPS Linode, DigitalOcean and WiredTree (although just bought by LiquidWeb) should be good options.