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XF 1.1 Recent Activity with a CMS

Hi There,

My site uses Joomla as its CMS, and our forums are on XenForo (after moving from vB4 - it's so much faster!).
Joomla is able to read an RSS feed for a module on its front page. I've currently got this pointed at the forums/-/index.rss url, however is there a way to show the Recent Activity feed on the CMS - either via RSS or another way?

Thanks in advance guys :)
Yes, along those lines, however if it's possible I'd like to get everything from the activity, rather than just latest posts (ie xxx liked a post yyy, xxx replied to thread yyy, xxx started new thread yyy) as it presents stuff nicer in my opinion.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
There isn't a feed for that. Custom PHP is required to get those records from the database and then display them on your Joomla page. You need a programmer for this.
Ok, if there's not anything existing out there I'll have a dig down and find out how it works and see if I can put something together.
Thanks for the help :)


Well-known member
I would start by inspecting the 'recent activity' query...
Start by looking in xenforo/ControllerPublic/RecentActivity.php and then trace the code back.
It should be fairly easy to rip out the nessesary stuff and format it into a block.