Resource Manager as a CMS?


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I'm looking at the Xenforo Resource Manager. Can the Xenforo Resource Manager be used as a create a front-end/Home Page/Discovery Page for an internet forum...or is the Resource Manager strictly for other purposes?

I went to the pricing page...then clicked on the "Learn more..." link...then clicked on the "See an example" link.

The "See an example" link seems to send the visitor to the Xenforo "Resources" page...and what I'm seeing doesn't look like what I was expecting if the Resource Manager was used to create what I mentioned above.

Thus my verify if the Xenforo Resource Manager could be used as a CMS?

  • If no...totally ok.
  • If yes...could I be pointed to a site that uses the Resource Manager as I described above?

I was asking myself the same question.

This is from ChatGPT today:

The XenForo Resource Manager is an add-on, designed to handle resources like files, tutorials, or other article-like content alongside forum threads. It shifts focus to the initial content rather than subsequent discussion, rendering it a potential Content Management System (CMS) candidate XenForo Resource Manager is,com directly.

Some users have considered or attempted using the Resource Manager as a CMS. For instance, a user on a XenForo community forum inquired about utilizing it as a CMS, wishing to consolidate systems by migrating from a Drupal 7 installation to a XenForo-based setup, I'm wondering if I,in another way than for . Another thread starter on a different forum also contemplated the Resource Manager’s potential as a CMS to create front-end pages for forums 2, 2023 Thread starter,Learn more .

However, there's skepticism. One comment suggests a substantial redesign and component trimming would be necessary to mold the Resource Manager into a CMS, hinting at better alternatives for this purpose think you would have,do that right now, ie .

This dialogue unveils a two-pronged narrative. On one hand, there's a theoretical alignment of the Resource Manager's functionality with CMS requirements, but on the other, practical implementation may demand more effort or an entirely different solution. Besides, integrating a CMS into XenForo isn't confined to utilizing the Resource Manager. Other routes like crafting articles as forum threads or leveraging external CMS platforms can also be explored.

The discourse around XenForo's Resource Manager as a CMS isn't densely populated, indicating it might not be a mainstream or straightforward solution for CMS integration. Considering a tailored or third-party CMS might be a more traveled and less resistant path.
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