XF 2.1 Creating a "New messages" tab on recent activity



We recently moved from vBulletin to XenForo, buying themes and some plugins we needed, and the installation is smoothless.
We used to have tapatalk on the old vBulletin installation, and we decided that, now that we have migrated systems and we have a responsive mobile theme, it'd be great to get rid of it. Most users don't really care but we, as moderators, miss one functionality tapatalk had and we can't seem to find.
On tapatalk, there's a tab called "new messages" that instead of showing the threads that have new messages like XenForo does, shows all the new messages in a list that looks like a thread. This list is also able to be edited post by post and, once one post is edited, it automatically disappears of the list as "read".
We were wondering if this was an option on XenForo or if it could be easily implemented.

Thanks for your answers!