XF 2.0 How to prevent posts from a particular forum from showing in Recent Activity

Diana Cox

I have one forum on my message board populated by an RSS feed of email posts from a Yahoo Group. I have disabled the setting
Include threads from this forum when users click "New posts"​
If disabled, threads from this forum will never appear in the list of new / unread posts.​
However, the posts from this RSS feed forum are showing up in "Recent Activity" rendering that options kind of useless (the other posts from the forum are swamped by the RSS feed posts).

Can I keep the posts in this forum out of Recent Activity too?
That option doesn't extend to the recent activity system, which is mostly designed to be a list of essentially all activity on the forum.

I believe changing that would likely require custom development.
This is my biggest problem in xenforo.
Unablity to filter recent activity and feed filtered content to forum sidebar...

So, I could have a forum and on sidebar: active content of posts, only related to this forum...
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