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Recent Activity -> Facebook Recommendations


XenForo moderator
Staff member
I have just tested this on a clean installation and the block is removed from the sidebar if the feature isn't activated.

I can't reproduce the problem.

Do you have a custom style, any outdated templates, any add-ons installed?


I can't confirm this too.

Standard Template contains a condition for this:
    <xen:if is="{$xenOptions.facebookLike}">
        <div class="section fbRecommendations">
            <div class="secondaryContent">
                <h3>{xen:phrase facebook_recommendations}</h3>
                <div style="margin: 0 -@secondaryContent.padding-left -@secondaryContent.padding-bottom">
                    <xen:container var="$facebookSdk">1</xen:container>
                    <fb:recommendations site="{$requestPaths.host}" width="@sidebar.width" height="300" header="false" font="trebuchet ms" border_color="@secondaryContent.background-color" colorscheme="@fbColorScheme"></fb:recommendations>