Paid advertising (banner ad) manager recommendations?


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Hello, soon I'll be opening my site up for paid ads to mix in with google ads. I'm using the native system in XF 2.2 to place ads but I'll need something where customers can review ad stats, etc. It doesn't have to be an add-on, it can be an external system, what are recommendations for what people are using these days? It's been a long time since I used one as what I used in the past was banmanpro.
This is what you want:

It may seem a bit pricey but it will pay for itself if you're selling ads directly to customers/members. Fully featured, well maintained and updated, basically does everything you need with ads including stats.
Hands down, Siropu Ads Manager. It gives them a fully self service banner system, takes payment, lets them monitor statistics and change their ad, sends email reminder when it expires, let's them set computer or geographic restrictions, etc. It can do discounts for longer terms, or even coupon codes. (we give a 60% discount, if they buy a 24 month pre-paid term, for example) We are selling banners that are random with all advertisers, which display after every 5th post and on top/bottom of all screens. It can also put the advertiser in a special XF GROUP, while their ad is active, so you can put them in a special section and/or put a special recognition on their posts as a supporting vendor. (we do this)

We also use it for our own internal banner locations (top right header, in the widget bar, and some mixed with paid ads) for holidays and random system slogans.

It isn't much for documentation, but easy enough to figure out.

We have ours set up so it is hidden, until we manually add the member to the usergroup that has access to buy ads. The menu to buy ads only appears after we have screened someone as a vendor we want. You could set it up either way.

This product has paid for itself on my sites 300 times over, in the past year.
The above ... agreed 100% but I'll add another item I've found to be even more significant... Built into the core you have the option for User Upgrades. Do this and in return use Siropu's ad manager to NOT show upgraded users any ads. I gave the users three subscription options (3 different prices) via PayPal and for those who don't do PP, a yearly payment option via check I manually upgrade them with. My core users like this, and I've found it nice getting them out of the user pool of those I serve Adsense ads to, as they don't often click ads, so my CPM increased quite a bit, which can have a positive effect on the quality of ads they'll serve your site. ~$0.02
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