MG 1.1 Recalculate reviews without comments


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I've finally imported my stoneaged PhotoPost into Xenforo Media Gallery - but forgot to configure the "Require comment when rating media or album" before doing so.

When I now recalculate media rating with cache, the calculations take ratings without comments still into account, although "Require comment when rating media or album" is checked now. I would assume, this setting just works for new ratings.

@Chris D What do you suggstest to query on the database, to either remove all ratings without comments or to recalculate without them, please?

Chris D

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The following query should work, though I have to urge you to please take backups or run it on a test installation first, just in case something goes wrong (which it might, as I haven't tested it fully!):
DELETE FROM xengallery_rating
WHERE rating_id IN(
        SELECT rating.rating_id
        FROM xengallery_rating AS rating
        LEFT JOIN xengallery_comment as comment ON
            (comment.rating_id = rating.rating_id)
        WHERE comment.rating_id IS NULL
    ) AS na
After you have run that you'll likely need to run the rebuild again.