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Rebuying license for existing xenforo forum.


Like the title says we want to re-buy xenforo so we can upgrade to the latest version (currently on 1.2.4), we already have a license but its expired and the owner of the license has left our community and doesn't want to transfer it.

few questions:

Do we need to reinstall xenforo when we buy a new license? or can we just upgrade with our existing installation?

Do we need to re-buy the paid addons that we use? ( we currently use post ratings and taigachat pro which are both paid)

Is it a problem if the old expired and our new license both will be pointed at the same domain in the customer portal?



XenForo moderator
Staff member
You can just upgrade the existing installation with the new license files.

You will have to ask the add-on developers but if the domain and installation is the same, I don't see why you would need to repurchase.
Unless of course they were purchased by the license holder and they are using them on another installation.
Either way, you will need to ask the developers.

Having more than one license linked to the same domain isn't an issue.