Not a bug Rebuild user caches & member_stats

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I suspect there is a bug on this. Specifically, I needed to rebuild the cache in xf_member_stat, and tried to do so using "rebuild user caches". However it would only reset the `cache_results` column if I manually zeroed the `cache_expiry` column. I would expect "rebuild user caches" to reset this cache too, as I don't know any other way to do so without touching the db.

But could be something I'm doing wrong, or maybe already fixed, not sure.

Chris D

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The member stat caches are pretty much unrelated.

The easiest way to reset a member stat cache is to toggle its cache option off and on in the member stats edit page. That will clear the existing cache value so it will rebuild on next load.

Chris D

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You can suggest it if course but there generally shouldn’t be a common need to rebuild those caches.

The other rebuilds are generally rebuilding stuff that is permanently cached rather than stuff that can be recached periodically or manually via enabling and disabling the cache.