Implemented Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails


I am looking for this feature as well. I converted from SMF to XenForo through phpBB3 (site is not live yet) and my thumbnails look off. Would like to correct them.


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Is there any chance that you will provide us with an option or a tool to rebuild thumbnails for attachments? Maybe there are any script which can make that. I have same problem like Cujo, after migration a large part of thumbnails looks awful.

Brent W

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Please please please. I need to rebuild my attachments on many forums because of various changes during imports and other things over the last year.
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Brent W

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Oh man I wish I saw this before. I made such a script 3 or so months ago. Will look into releasing it tomorrow.
That would be fantastic

Can this realistically not make it into 1.2? Rebuilding attachments and avatars are a huge deal. Especially since most of your customers are coming from other forum software.

Jeremy P

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No, I've been super busy. It's on my todo list but I'm not sure when I'll get to it. To be honest I think I want to rewrite parts of it if I'm going to release it, as it comes with a few caveats and was written specifically for my use case.

Francesco V.

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i need it too. I migrated but i forgot to set a decent thumbnail size. Now i have all micro thumb in the xenforo forum :(