Re-direct gives error


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My first suggestion would be disable each add-on in turn to try and determine if it is one of those which is the cause.
This though may not be sufficient and it may even be necessary to uninstall the add-ons completely.

You may need to create a new redirect after disabling each add-on to test the functionality.

Do you have a test installation on the same server?
If not, I would recommend setting one up so you can check that redirects work and it will also give you the opportunity to install and uninstall add-ons for troubleshooting purposes.

Ryan Kent

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Based on your advice what I will do for now is delete the re-direct, then use my latest site backup and restore it as a test installation, then troubleshoot from that point.


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Until this is confirmed as a bug, I have moved it from bug reports into troubleshooting.

It can always be moved back if it is proven to be a genuine bug.