XF 2.1 Spam - re-direct website?


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It is likely malware on your computer or attached to your browser. When I follow that link, it just takes me to a normal Xenforo admin login page.
  1. Do a total anti-malware scan on your computer. I would first scan with Windows Defender and then do another scan with the free version of Malwarebytes.
  2. You could also try using another browser to see if it's a simple browser hijack.
Hello djbaxter,

Thank you for your time to respond - will try it.
It occurs when you put the password and username that it gets redirected

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I have done an anti-malware on my computer and used two different browsers and it still occurs - the website gets re-directed - it does look like a browser hijack
Thanks I have done this - but it still is coming back . My question is why does it appear when i put in my username and password, and only then does it show? Is it possible the website is hacked rather then my computer?


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It's possible I suppose, especially if it's happening to multiple persons.

You will need to contact your sysadmin or host to investigate and resolve it.