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Ranking Criteria - What do you use?


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I'm about to finish some structures of my forum to start building up and now I need to define criteria for ranks.

I know that its totally custom but no matter the subject of the community and the name of each rank, I suppose you guys have a post number criteria to define them and Im here to ask that..

level 1 - 100 posts
level 2 - 101 - 500 posts..

Well.. I know its kinda subjective but I have no idea on these numbers.. So seeing some examples from people who already have any community would inspire me.


Active member
The numbers should depend on your activity level and how prestigious you want them to appear. Someone with 40 really active members, each posting 20 posts a day, minimum, will climb through ranks really quickly if they have low post criteria, and thus the ranks won't seem that "hard" to achieve. If you want to have a ton of ranks that's something else to keep in mind, but it might get too convoluted at some point.

For my forum, we don't have many members but I've found the rankings useless. Trophies or medals are more useful. If you plan on having a lot of ways to 'rank' users, you should also look at how that plays into it.