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Random images not loading

Recently moved to XenForo 1.5.2 from vBulletin 3.8. Running on own server, with LAMP setup. I have memcache and opcache configured (I hope properly).

Even before setting up memcache and opcache (and installing any add-ons), users, including myself, were/are running into an issue from time to time where an attachment image fails to load (or only partially loads) when a thumbnail is clicked. Right-clicking on the thumbnail to open the image in a new tab (Firefox 41.0.2, but also in other browsers it seems) will sometimes eventually load the resource and other times just get the "Connecting..." tab name with the "spinning" GIF and never deliver the resource.

Since it seems to be across browsers, I'm guessing it is a server configuration issue. Any suggestions on what to do? Any magic to work with php.ini? Or maybe $config['enableContentLength'] is an issue?


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If it's displaying "connecting", that would imply that the web server isn't actually making the connection fully (which is when it would be passed on to XF). I don't think there's really anything XF or PHP is directly involved with here. I suppose it could be some sort of anti-DoS tool that is sporadically blocking requests.
In that case, does anyone know an anti-DOS tool that comes packaged with a default RHEL7 / Apache install? Or, hmm. I'm guessing look into the Apache settings... will report back.
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...and another bump. Looking for suggestions of where to look. Users are receiving partially load images sometimes, sometimes no images at all, but most often it is working fine.

Tracy Perry

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A link to the site may be helpful. That way one could keep banging the page until the error revealed itself and then look at the page source, developer tools, etc. for some possible problems.

Tracy Perry

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Still having issues, though not able to address them until next week now. If anyone has any ideas, they'd be most welcome.
OK, this may sound off the wall, but are you doing any IP connection throttling on the server? I know recently I was having a similar issue with nginx on my IPS site - turns out apparently my 20 concurrent connections to an IP wasn't enough (I have a static IP) and some of my images were not displaying until I refreshed. Once I upped that limit, I had no more problems.