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Here's something I'm used to doing on my other forum platform.

Upon highlighting a section of someone's post text and clicking Reply, just that highlighted text becomes quoted, not the entire message.
Thus taking considerable labour out of quoting when sections of the post need snipping out.


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I think it's more often that people quote the full post and the remove the parts they don't want, no?
***Migration, would go CS via vB3x using its CS importer - then from vB3x to XF (***don't quote me, that's just the last I heard going back a while now).
Great idea.
Except vB Impex doesn't support CS 2007.
It supports my version of CS (2.1?).
And even that doesn't work well :(
Great idea.
Except vB Impex doesn't support CS 2007.
It supports my version of CS (2.1?).
And even that doesn't work well :(
Oh darn. :( I figured may, repeat "may" pull the vital stuff like posts/threads if you're 100% desperate to move.
Sorry OT. but can't be of much help if it's def. stopping you at some points on a test database move.

Back on topic, however this feature is employed via the TinyMCE editor
Not much else to say really. That's by no means me dissing it, to each his own.
Going back to the very beginning of this thread, end of July last year and noticing this:
Ya see, even that, nice though it is, still requires extra effort to do what's required.
I daresay there isn't one single editor out there that can do everything and make the coffee without adding bloatware, looking huge and ... dreadful.

To summarise: If it were possible to "easy quote" in such a way as desired, then that is one small extra thing I can put to our dev(s)/decision makers and say "look at this"; we can do it too. Plus we have the power of XF behind us to boot!
Even though I don't root admin our main board anymore since the change to CS, I still can recommend moves/ideas to ease our current position.
I remember there was a vBulletin modification that did this... I had it installed. A basic implementation would be to quote the raw text. If you're quoting only selected parts of the text, the formatting wouldn't really be important (except, I guess, hyperlinks).
The main concern I'd have about it is the unrepresentable BB codes, such as quote or media tags. The ideal would be to try to reverse the selected text back to the portion of the raw post that it covers, that'd be awesome... but I don't even know how to approach it.

Agree it would be a cool feature if we can come up with rational ways to handle those cases.

I don't know what you mean exactly, but if you are talking about specific problems quoting for example text with media tags, then my view on that is this:

I can never get my head around the fact that forum-software let's people quote media tags and well... I have explained everything in the above link.

If these codes can be deleted from the portion of the text that is selected the moment the quote is generated/placed, then I am all for a 'Quote Selected Text' function. Quoting is -obviously- such a core function of posting on a board, that often when we need to quote something, we are forced to deleted (large) portions of the text, because we simply didn't need it. A 'Quote Selected Text' function is by no means essential, but can sure make quoting a little easier.

Supported. (Only if it doesn't make the excellent simple UI of XF too complicated)
It's something I've been playing with, but there is no generally agreed format for addressing the selection within a document, so this kind of feature tends to be extremely fragile.
There has passed half a year. Certainly, would be remarkable to have fast citing with preserved formatting, but what is the time still to wait for at least usual citing! Millions users have got used to that it is possible to quote quickly. Make a simple variant, please, better just in 1.1 release, and as for perfect one - when there will be time.
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