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What I do most of the time when it comes to quoting is: select a portion of the text of a certain posting(s) and quote that inside a new or existing posting.

Since XF does not support quoting selected texts this is really a bit of a pain still to accomplish really (the multi-quote feature does not help in this), because everything needs to be done manually:

- I open a new tab (1) and start (for example) quick-replying to an existing thread
- I open a new tab (2) and find the threads that have the texts that I want to quote and select them by [+ Quote]
- I go back to tab (1) to be able to put the quoted texts inside the Quick Reply area, but that is not possible, since there is no [Insert Quotes...] button available (!),
So I press [F5] and there is it... the button [Insert Quotes] appears just below the QR area: great,
- I click [Insert Quotes] and now I have to manually edit every single quote (and not forget to leave the username and link portions in the quotes opening brackets!) to be able to just quote small portions of texts of different users instead of their complete postings.

This is so time consuming, the benefits of the ability to quote just selected portions of text are obvious.


I just tried it on Burning Board and what a relief such a quote system is that they use!

You just select a portion of the text and immediately a popup/tooltip appears 'Quote Selection':

multi quote burning board.webp

You click this little popup and in the lower right corner you get confirmation that your selected text has been put into the 'quote-memory'

multi quote burning board 2.webp

Then when you create a new thread, this lower right corner popup appears again, you click it and select the quotes you want in your posting. And yes, it also remembers who the quote was from and which posting it is from. Xenforo also does this ofcourse, but the valuable thing missing in the otherwise so userfriendly XF is the ability to select portions of text. The whole multi quote function would be so much more practical and valuable if selective quoting would be possible.
Tadaa! :) Not sure where the inspiration came from, but it resembles Burning Board quite nice ;). And that is not a bad thing, so thanks a lot for this one. It makes multi-quote so much more valuable/practical this way!

(Now if only there would be user albums and a blog in XF 2.0... I am finally (after 4 years) able to switch my solid vB 3.8 board)
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