XF 2.2 quote selected text inconsistencies...

we've got 'enable multi-quote' and 'enable select-to-quote' ON.

multi-quote works as advertised... although 'add to multi-quote' might be a better mouseover tool tip than just 'quote'.

the problem is with 'select-to-quote'... and that we're about to switch over to X2 and our users are used to selecting text and hitting reply... and having only the selected text quoted.

the inconsistency is:

1. if i select a partial text fragment and hit the 'reply to thread' button, it quotes the entire post... and not just the selected text
2. if i mouse over the selection and hit the 'reply to thread' tool tip... it works as expected. maybe the tool tip in this case should be 'reply with selected text'?

either way, having two 'reply to thread' options that behave differently seems... odd. i guarantee this will confuse our users.



Chris D

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the problem is with 'select-to-quote'... and that we're about to switch over to X2 and our users are used to selecting text and hitting reply... and having only the selected text quoted.
I'm not sure if you have some custom behaviour at play because the feature really didn't change between XF 1.5 so how you're seeing it now is how it should already be working in XF 1.5 for your users.

It is fairly logical - if you select some text, a tooltip appears right at the end of the selection therefore indicating that those controls pertain specifically to that selected text. The controls in the bottom right corner of the post pertain to the whole post.

As I said though, this is behaving exactly as it already does in XF 1.5 so you may need to figure out if you made some custom changes in XF 1.5 to make this behave differently. Or, indeed, it may not actually be as confusing for your users as you think as they should already be familiar with it 🙂
ok, just double-checked, and you're absolutely right... except that the old nomenclature is 'reply with quote' as opposed to 'reply to thread'.


either way, you have one behavior clicking on the tool tip, and another clicking on the button... and while they say (promise) the same thing they behave differently.

you don't see that as any kind of usability issue? no merit in my tool tip edit suggestions?

i see the logic in your perspective... but we're talking a herd of luddites. why not make things more clear?
ok, just did some research... the full url IS coming through, but is formatted using quoted-printable... which breaks the url:

<img src=3D"https://mb.nawcc.org/attachments/1609702125698-png.630477/" class=3D"bbImage " alt=3D"1609702125698.png" title=3D"1609702125698.png" style=3D"max-width: 100%;">

those '3D's shouldn't be there.... which begs the question:

how does one turn OFF quoted-printable for a particular forum (assuming that some forum message email alerts have it and some don't)?
ok, more research done...

apple mail uses quoted-printable to be more compatible with ms exchange... and in fact, some images show and others don't, all with the mail client using quoted-printable... so that's not the problem.

one issue is that... at least for me... email notifications where images have been inserted full size into posts do NOT come through, whereas images inserted as thumbnails do:


[ATTACH type="full" alt="Case.jpeg"]630004[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full" alt="25579.jpeg"]630003[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full" alt="IMG_20201231_121515617.jpg"]630005[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full" alt="IMG_20201231_143912642.jpg"]630011[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full" alt="IMG_20201231_143923058.jpg"]630012[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full" alt="IMG_20201231_143937965.jpg"]630013[/ATTACH][ATTACH type="full" alt="IMG_20201231_143956260.jpg"]630014[/ATTACH]


[ATTACH alt="IMG_20201231_121638523.jpg"]630006[/ATTACH] [ATTACH alt="IMG_20201231_143912642.jpg"]630007[/ATTACH] [ATTACH alt="IMG_20201231_143923058.jpg"]630008[/ATTACH] [ATTACH alt="IMG_20201231_143937965.jpg"]630009[/ATTACH] [ATTACH alt="IMG_20201231_143956260.jpg"]630010[/ATTACH]

the above code was taken from the same email notification about a post in a watched forum. the full size images did not appear, the thumbnails did... can anyone else confirm this?