Quick look at UI.X 2

Ian Hitt

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I am looking for addon which will show latest post or filtered post or selected post on home page which look like blog, i mean image, heading some description and some little more info

Hope this addon will have that functionality.
@Jake B. Would have the answer to that question, but I believe that is the case.

Okay thank you for letting me know. Will keep an eye. :)
Don't worry, we'll keep you guys updated :)

Brad Padgett

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We are on track for a release this week!
Thank God. There are literally no styles at all for Xenforo 2. A huge bummer and the reason I have yet to upgrade. I'm also hoping Xenforo 2 is going to be official finally this week as well. There's no telling but it's something I'm hoping for. Anyways good work on UI.X 2. I viewed the demo of it just a while ago. Anyways I'm not the subscription guy and just want to pay for the style standalone. I'm sure you understand.

Brad Padgett

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Yes, there are...
And I'm sure as soon as it goes gold, there will be a flood of them
I meant ones that I liked or were good enough for me to want to buy. The few ones now are either dark or aren't up to par. One was released yesterday that looks good but I'd rather wait to see what others come out. To be honest the style options are very few to none currently. I spoke the truth you must have thought I literally meant none at all. Anyways theme house has quality work and looking forward to it's release. I'll be going with them unless better ones are released sooner.