Questions about vB 3.8.1 database import into XF2


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I am about to buy XF2. If I understand correctly, there is a built in database import/conversion feature that should be able to handle upgrading from vB 3.8.1. If that is the case, I am not sure about the steps involved.

My plan is to do a clean install of XF2 on a Snappy 8000 VPS plan from HostGator. It will have CentOS 6.10, PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.6.3 installed.

Would I use the database backup feature in the vB Admin CP to export the tables to a file, upload that file to the new server, and then use it for the import to XF2? Or, is there some other method of exporting the data that I am supposed to use. Either way, are there any steps I should take to prepare the database for export?

Also, I have custom user profile fields created with the Profile Field Manager in the vB Admin CP. Will the import/conversion process grab these as well, or does it only bring in the default vB tables/fields made when you first install vB?
I did the migration from VB 3.6 a few months back.

Custom profile fields will be imported. You'll need a plain DB-export (mysqldump) from the old forum and import that into a new DB on the mysql on the new server. The import will simply ask for the DB and its creds.

Do a few test-runs.

You'll need a plain DB-export (mysqldump) from the old forum...

By "plain DB export", are you talking about the backup feature in the Admin CP or using PHPMyAdmin? I know it might sound hard to believe, but even though I have owned this forum for 15 years, I have never been the one having to do most of the backend server related stuff. I just ran the forum and had another member that did all that stuff for me. That has fizzled out and I am left trying to manage all this and am out of my element o_O

Do a few test-runs.

The plan is to do an import and see what happens. Then I have to figure out how to use add-ons or whatever is available to try to get the new install of XF looking and working mostly like my current site ( Once I iron out the process, I'll shut down my live site, do a final export, and then import that into XF. I still need to figure out how to empty the XF database prior to the final export so I don't get duplicate entries for stuff.

Just curious, are you glad you made the switch?
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