XF 1.1 Question on inheriting for node permissions.


If I set the permissions only for my one main category, will selecting the inherit option on all the forums in the category make it so that the permissions are the same as set in the category settings?
Not sure if a category counts as a parent and the forums in it count as a child.


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Any childs will inherit from the parent. So if you set permissions on a top level category, and sub forums you place under that will inherit those permissions if you use inherit.

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Can be? That just made me even more confused.
Here's an example.
Category 1
--Forum 1
--Forum 2
--Forum 3
--Forum 4
--Forum 5
--Forum 6
I want to know if I can just set the permissions in Category 1 without setting the individual permissions for each forum because it would be time consuming. By just setting all the forum permissions to inherit, would it take the permissions from category 1?


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Brogan has a decent resource about implementing permissions, as does Jake Bunce. I suggest reading those before attempting to delve in. If you have something allowed in a parent, an explicit "Revoke" in a child forum will set that specific node to not have the permission. An explicit allow will override an inherited Revoke.