MG 1.1 Question about imported media and albums, watching media, and email


I've imported albums from vb3.8 to XFMG. My question is, for the albums that were imported, will creators of the albums automatically be watching their albums like they would if they just created them? I want to make sure they're getting email when people comment on their old pictures.
This should work but please back up your database first in case anything goes wrong, also you may wish to adjust the values slightly:
INSERT IGNORE INTO xengallery_media_watch
    (user_id, media_id, notify_on, send_alert, send_email)
        SELECT user_id, media_id, 'comment' AS notify_on, '1' AS send_alert, '1' AS send_email
        FROM xengallery_media
This will make it so that everyone who has uploaded media items will be watching their media items for new comments. If a new comment is posted on a media item they will receive an alert and they will receive an email.

If you require a different behaviour, let me know.
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