Question about getting External Auth Data

John L.

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Going to admit, I'm way over my skies here. However I'm trying to learn new things and trying to update a pretty old addon to work with the latest version of XenForo. Here is my problem, I'm trying to figure out how to replace getIdentities with getting the data from the External Auth table. Here is the example code:
$identities = $xfUserModel->getIdentities($user);
                        // pay attention to this user, they have a steam id
                        if ($identities && array_key_exists('Steam', $identities))
                            // check to see if the user exists in source bans
                            $sbUser = $sbAdminModel->fetchBySteamId($identities['Steam']);
I'm trying to figure out how to replace this code since the identities are no longer used and replaced with custom fields. However the data I'm trying to grab lives in the external auth field now. What would be the best way to grab the steam provider from external auth? Is there a getExternalAuth function? Sorry if I'm not asking this in the best way and appreciate any help!
I was able to sort this out. No idea if my code is actually good, but I was able to update it :)
Hey John,

Are you able to message me with how to managed to do this? I'm looking at a few ways to get some details out of Steam Auth and have no idea where to start :)
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