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pyftsubset Single File Binary 1.0.4

No permission to download
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@El Porcharo
If it's been working fine so far why did you try to "upgrade"?

There is a big, red warning in the update notes:

Do not upgrade to this version if you have already successfully installed a previous version of this Add-on!

Really, there is nothing to gain by "upgrading" this Add-on; it's just a convenient installer and the binary itself hasn't changed at all since 1.0.0.
Should there ever be a new version of the binary, it will be noted in the update notes and I might even recommend to upgrade in this case.

There are several options to deal with your issue:
  1. Try to "upgrade" to version 1.0.4 (probably the easiest option)
  2. Ignore the error and leave it as-is (if FAM is till working fine)
  3. "Uninstall" PyFtSubset but do not delete the files (if FAM is till working fine)
  4. Like 2) but "install" the previously working version again
  5. Remove / Rename Setup.php, "upgrade" and afterwards restore / rename Setup.php again
  6. Comment out method checkRequirements, "upgrade" and undo the commenting afterwards
Once it's working again leave the "Add-on" alone, never again try to "upgrade" it unless an upgrade is explicitly recommended in the update notes.
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@El Porcharo
If it's been working fine so far why did you try to "upgrade"?

There is a big, red warning in the update notes
Coz I'm an idiot 🤣

I must have confused the update to be safe on FAM's thread and I upgraded both 🤦🏻‍♂️

I think I'll go for option (1), will try reinstalling previous version over this one.

Thanks buddy 👍🏼
I'm getting this trying to install [Kirby] PyFtSubset 1.0.4. This is a first time install for this. I have installed about 25 other add-ons with no
trouble. I chmod 777 the two files in /bin.
Linux 3.10.0-1062.1.2.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Sep 30 14:19:46 UTC 2019 x86_64
using php 8.2

The following errors must be resolved before continuing:
  • The process has been signaled with signal "11".
  • /home2/xxxxxxx/public_html/XF/src/addons/Kirby/PyFtSubset/bin/ line 4: 29290 Segmentation fault $DIR/pyftsubset "$@"
  • Can't execute pyftsubset
The SH shows:
DIR=$(dirname "$0")
export TMPDIR="$DIR/../../../../..//internal_data/temp"
$DIR/pyftsubset "$@"

Any idea whats going wrong ?
Any idea whats going wrong ?
chmod 777 is a security nightmare and generally not recommended.

The executable is generating a segmentation fault - why is unknown.
Might be due to your pretty old kernel (3.10? That was released over 10 years ago ...).

You most likely won't be able to do much to diagnose and/or fix this unless you've got root shell access.

If you do have root shell access it is recommended to install fonttools / pyftsubset "the normal way", eg. via your OS package manager or pip.

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