Pulling content in a page across multiple XF sites


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I'd like to have a single privacy policy that applies to all of my XF sites and wondered if there is a way of writing the page content into a single file on my clickinfity domain and then "pulling" that content into an XF page at each forum site?

If so, could you advise how I would go about this please?

Many thanks,
Shaun :D

Chris D

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I don't know the correct syntax etc. but it is possible to do a PHP Callback via a XenForo page. This PHP call back could render your normal page container on each XF site, with the middle bit being a PHP include that loads the text.

This may help:


It's a great idea, because at least if the content of your Ts and Cs ever change, you only need to update them once.

Again, I don't exactly know how, but the PHP callback might even be able to replace variables in the standard text.