Prune User Content

Is there a way to remove a member's posts before deleting their account in the acp? I can see the option to delete conversations under Actions drop down but cannot see how to first prune their forum posts, and don't want to delete their account until the content has been removed.



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It can't be done by manipulating the database.

What happened when you ran the spam cleaner to remove the messages and conversations?
I have never had an issue running it hundreds, if not thousands of times.
After I ran it the first time it said he had zero messages where the arrow points, and it bans him, but even still I can go to member search and when his banned account pops up, under postings tab all of his posts still show and they are all still showing in the various threads when clicked. They are all still there.



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Do the posts actually still appear publicly in the threads?

They will still be visible on the profile page to moderators with the relevant permission.
Oh I didn't realize the posts were not pernamnently deleted. I checked from my test account and was not able to pull the members profile it just says This user's profile is not available. I was hoping to find a way to remove the posts as a hard delete. Not possible? I'm surprised this feature is not part of the core. Are you aware if there has been an add on for this?