XF 2.2 Promotion Downgrade


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I'm getting promoted to Group B. Later, this group B buys group C as a paid group.
It lives the special code permissions of group B.


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Since this goes to group C, the membership of group B is stuck.


My question is how can I drop it from Group B. If it's a C that he bought, it's like leaving group B.


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There must be some logic.

Regardless of which group to buy here, the secondary groups should be deducted.

While in Group A, it buys Group B, but still has some restrictions as Group A is active.

group A in the picture will be B
Group B will be C. I typed wrong

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Edit the promotion for group B to only apply if not in group C.
Where will I do it? There is no such criterion in the promotion (/admin.php?user-group-promotions/) section

It would be great if there was an option in Purchased Subscriptions to have other groups free upon purchase.


Let me explain again.
Promoted from Group B to Group C.
Group C bought Group D.
Member has 2 groups C+D
Now when he buys group D, he must leave group C.
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