MG 1.1 Problems uploading videos

While trying to upload small .avi files, I get this error:

This video is not encoded in a supported format and cannot be transcoded. Please upload a different video.

I have avi in the "Allowed Video File Extensions."

What's going on here?


Chris D

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Unless you enable advanced features such as ffmpeg, only MP4 files transcoded in a specific way will be uploaded.
Well that really stinks. Maybe xenforo can configure this paid addon so it uses its servers with ffmpeg to do the dirty work? It costs an arm and a leg it seems for that feature.


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Your best option if you can't run it is to simply upload the videos to YouTube and embed them from there. (You can make them unlisted on YT.)

Chris D

XenForo developer
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There's not really anything that can be done about that. To extract frames from videos you do need some sort of application on the server to handle it. It's nearly always going to be ffmpeg because it's the most widely adopted and supported.


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If the video file is short, as stated in the OP, the thumbnail won't be generated using FFMPEG anyway as it is hardcoded to pull the 30th (if memory serves me correctly) frame.
10-4 Dan. I think they are 30 frames per second so I don't know that length would be an issue. I like the youtube route. Why eat up my storage anyways. I just wish I had a way to state that the image has to be mp4 otherwise to use youtube.

Off the topic somewhat but while you guys are watching this, is there any way to reorder the left side bar order? I have a post on this already but its not seeing much action. Thanks guys